Focused on profitable
growth and clear reporting

Leadership Team

The Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing functions are split geographically and are led by Group Managing Directors.

  • The Group Managing Director East has responsibility for Poland, Russia, China, Turkey, the USA, and many other smaller but developing markets.
  • The Group Managing Director Central has responsibility for Germany, Austria, Hungary and Southeastern Europe.
  • The Group Managing Director West has responsibility for the UK, Ireland, Nordics, Benelux, France.
  • The Group Managing Director Components & Systems has responsibility for the specialist businesses, including Emmeti (Italy, Brazil, France, Spain, UK), Hewing, MMA and Rettig Ireland.

Central and Service Functions
Certain key aspects of the organisation are managed centrally, including some purchasing/procurement categories, major technical and capital expenditure projects and this function is managed by the Procurement and Projects Director.
Futhermore they are represented in the Rettig ICC Management Team by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director Research & Develoment (R&D), Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Collectively, Rettig ICC management has to apply group thinking and take decisions for the benefit of the group. Synergies are exploited in order to improve the performance of our brands and our plants, to strengthen Rettig ICC as a whole and to create benefits for our customers.

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