Panel radiator production at Vienenburg discontinued

March 2008

At the end of March, production of panel radiators was discontinued at the Vienenburg plant in Lower Saxony in Germany. The decision is due to considerable overcapacity within the industry,  partly within Rettig ICC.

Spokesman for the Board at Purmo DiaNorm Wärme AG, Harald Günther explains the managementís decision by pointing to the heavily decreased demand for radiators in Germany and to an overcapacity of roughly 30 to 40 per cent in the production of standard radiators in Western Europe.
Rettig ICCís 33mm pitch factories have enough capacity to take over panel radiator production from Vienenburg.

127 employees were affected by the shutdown. Some of the employees will find new work in the new logistics centre, whereas for the remaining ones a transfer and qualification company was established in close consultation with employee representatives in order to open up career prospects for the affected employees.
Vienenburg as a company location is not in danger: sales, marketing, purchasing, logistics, finance/controlling, IT and the manufacturing of underfloor heating systems will remain there.
Indeed, the logistics centre for the German speaking countries will actually be expanded.
Thanks to its central location, Vienenburg offers ideal conditions for customer service in Germany and Europe.

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