Rettig Heating Sp.zo.o. celebrates its 15th anniversary

March 2008

It is already 15 years since Rettig Heating Sp.zo.o. came into operation in Poland. MD Franciszek Plaskura  recounts the story.

On 1 March 1993, when the business was started, the company only had two old Schlatter production lines and a powder-painting line. That year, the turnover amounted to €1.76 million.
Over the following years, the company made vast investments, financed both from profits and  bank loans. Having bought land from the Silesia Foundry, the company built new workshops and warehouses,
and new production and painting lines were installed.
Today, the turnover exceeds €112 million. Because of the fact that both productivity and sales volume constantly increase, the company has been almost from the beginning one of the most dynamically developing and most valuable in Poland. For example, in the rating conducted by the Financial Magazine in 1999, Rettig Heating Sp.zo.o. was ranked 45th considering market value. That meant that the company’s market value grew 80
times within only six years.
We’ve obtained all the ISO certificates concerning production management, environmental protection management and many others. It’s not even possible to mention in this short article all the prizes that the company has been awarded by the president, the prime minister and many financial institutions within these 15 years. After installing and starting the production on our new, ultra-modern production line in late 2007, the company is now probably the biggest radiator producer in Europe.
We still have further development plans and I am strongly convinced that together with the staff and the management, we will surely succeed in accomplishing them, ensuring growth of the Purmo brand around the

Rettig ICC bv. Australiëlaan 6. NL-6199 AA Maastricht-Airport