Legal company simplification gathers speed

June 2008

Rettig ICC is progressively simplifying its legal entity structure. 

After a whole series of acquisitions at around the turn of the new millennium, an elaborate series of companies had been acquired often in the same country whereby local reporting requirements and national legislations brought significant complexity and process duplication.

Increasingly, Rettig ICC is adopting the model of a single legal entity by country, which is responsible for supplying services internally to both commercial brand umbrellas and the back office functions and externally towards customers, suppliers and other national government institutions.

Examples of this process to date include:

Rettig SRL in Romania (January 2005 )
Rettig (UK) Ltd ( June 2005)
Rettig Ireland Ltd  (July 2006)
Rettig Austria GmbH (May 2007)
Rettig Hungary Kft ( June 2007)

and most recently :

Rettig Hrvatska d.o.o. in Croatia effective from 15th October 2007

Rettig Slovenija d.o.o in Slovenia effective from 1st November 2007

Rettig Belgium NV effective from 1st January 2008

Rettig ICC bv. Australiëlaan 6. NL-6199 AA Maastricht-Airport