Plant branding and signage project now complete

June 2008

The implementation of the new visual identity across the Rettig production plants draws to a close.
New signs featuring the Rettig can now be seen at all 16 production plants within Rettig ICC.
At the same new stationery including purchase orders and business cards are now also circulating throughout the organisation.
Commenting on the project, Rettig ICC COO, Jos Bongers added : “Effectively 9 months after launching our new smart new plant branding at the Zonhoven site, we are now pleased and proud that all our plants carry the same visual identity.  This is immensely important both internally for nearly 3000 employees who can now feel part part of the same Rettig Back office family and also for customers who should be comforted by the fact that we are standardising the processes and procedures within our plant thereby enabling them to fully benefit from working with the leading heat emitter group across Europe.”

Rettig ICC bv. Australiëlaan 6. NL-6199 AA Maastricht-Airport