New legal entity Rettig Germany GmbH

October 2009

As a in other countries where one legal entity per market is already a reality, Rettig has now simplified its structure in Germany with the creation of Rettig Germany GmbH.

Rettig Germany GmbH came into being on 23rd September 2009.  The move has no effect on the products, the trading brands (Purmo, Vogel und Noot Wärmetechnik) which Rettig uses in the Germany nor on the respective commercial teams. Customers will continue to be delivered from the three operational locations of Vienenburg, Meiningen and Lilienthal.

Uwe Schubman has been appointed Managing Director (Geschäftsführer) of the new legal entity.

Rettig ICC bv. Australiëlaan 6. NL-6199 AA Maastricht-Airport