January 2013


Rettig Group has joined Cleantech Finland to support the implementation of its clean technology and environmentally friendly solutions-based strategy.

"Rettig's mission is to own businesses which create sustainable long-term value growth, have leading positions in selected markets and offer customers more value with less environmental impact. Cleantech forms the core of Rettig Group's all three businesses. Rettig ICC offers more energy efficient indoor climate comfort solutions, Bore has some of the most energy-efficient cargo ships and Nordkalk offers limestone-based products for environmental care such as flue gas and water cleaning as well as improved process efficiency," says Hans Sohlström, President and CEO of Rettig Group.

"There is an increasing demand for sustainable, environmentally-friendly and energyefficient solutions. This drives our business development and forms an important base for our strategic direction. Cleantech Finland offers us an opportunity to promote our cleantech solutions and network with other leading companies," says Hans Sohlström.

Cleantech Finland links Finnish companies to solve global environmental challenges. The Cleantech Finland network is highly diversified, uniting up to 100 top cleantech companies with a combined turnover of some EUR 20 billion. Finnish cleantech companies are global leaders, for instance, in energy efficiency and cleaner industrial processes.

“We are pleased to welcome a new member, Rettig Group, to the Cleantech Finland network. Rettig’s membership strongly strengthens and expands the unique portfolio of Finnish cleantech offering within the network. The membership also represents new means for innovation and co-operation among the member companies and thus more value for customers throughout the world,” explains Santtu Hulkkonen, Executive Director of Cleantech Finland.

“Rettig has a long history from various industries where energy and material efficiency has traditionally provided a competitive advantage throughout the years. Rettig is a modern company that shows a great example and strong commitment in making sustainable resource use and energy efficiency the backbone of the company’s business strategy," concludes Santtu Hulkkonen.

The government of Finland has set a target to make Finland the leading country in cleantech globally. The active role the Rettig Group has taken to support this development has been noticed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

“Rettig Group is definitely one of the forerunners in Finnish Cleantech. We greatly appreciate how actively Rettig Group is also contributing to Finland’s cleantech business development. The President and CEO of Rettig Group, Mr. Sohlström, is acting as the chairman of Finland’s Environmental Forum and is a member of high level management board of Government’s Strategic Cleantech Programme,” says Dr. Mari Pantsar-Kallio, Strategic Director of Cleantech at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.


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